1.Download and read the manuals for your skis and bindings

If you are short on time and can’t watch our maintenance videos, then download our Quick Guide. This guide will tell you everything you need to know before hitting the powder for the first time.​

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2. How to maintain your Skinbased skis

If you are short on time and can’t watch our maintenance videos, then download our Quick Guide. This guide will tell you everything you need to know before hitting the powder for the first time.

In order to maintain optimal performance, your Skinbased skis will require occasional care. There are two areas in particular that need special attention: the Unicoat base and the climbing skin.

Our skis come from the factory pre-waxed and ready for use out of the box. Over time though, you may notice a decrease in glide performance. This can be improved with the application of a quick (cold) wax or liquid wax. These waxes can be applied indoors or outdoors, and even during a short break in your ski day. Liquid base waxes and conditioners can also be used, but require indoor drying time before being ready for use.

Note: under no circumstance should hot waxes and irons be used, as these can permanently damage the Unicoat base!

Similarly, our climbing skins come ready to go straight from the factory. After much use, you may find the climbing skin beginning to absorb water or having a buildup of ice. Again, only use rub on (cold) waxes and liquid conditioners for treatment. Both the rub on waxes and liquid conditioners work the same way as they do for the base - the rub on waxes offer indoor, outdoor, and in-the-field application, while the liquid conditioners require a dry skin for application and indoor drying time. 

You can find even more maintenance tips on our blogHow to properly feed and care for your Skinbased skis.

To maintain the Unicoat base we recommend using Skinbased Warm Weather and Cold Weather Wax or, alternatively, mountainFLOW Quick Wax. 

To maintain the climbing skin we recommend using Skinbased Calming Skin Wax or, alternatively, mountainFLOW’s Skin Wax Rub On or Nikwax Ski Skin Proof.

3.How to maintain OAC EA bindings

In order to keep your bindings functioning properly, we suggest that binding maintenance be performed regularly, and especially before any longer ski outing.

Binding maintenance is both quick and easy to perform.

1) Lift the lever and slide the heel unit back, removing it completely from the flex plate. Clean any debris from the heel unit with a cloth.

2) Lubricate the spring unit with silicone spray. Wipe away any excess with a clean cloth.

3) Clean the binding flex plate of any dirt or debris with a cloth.

4) When finished, slide the heel unit back into its position and lock in place.

5) Check that the screws of the toe and ankle strap buckles are not loose. If necessary, tighten using a #2 Phillips head screwdriver.

4. OAC EA Binding mounting guide

Before beginning, please read the Quick Guide (found above). Follow the instructions within carefully when installing your bindings.

Next, if mounting to a non-Skinbased™ ski that requires drilling, be sure to check your ski manufacturer’s drilling specs, and always use a mounting jig if possible. Our bindings use a standard NN75 drilling pattern. Most Skinbased™ skis come with pre-drilled holes, making proper binding installation easy. If you need to drill the holes yourself, the holes should have a diameter of 4.1 mm.

Once the holes are drilled, install the binding following these steps.

1) Attach the binding base plate to the ski via the two rear screws holes (screws provided). Be sure not to overtighten. 

2) Thread the toe strap into place - the slot under the base plate, located in front of the fastened screws. 

3) Install the toe piece by firmly pushing it into place. In doing so, the toe piece will secure the toe strap, allowing for minimal toe strap movement.

4) Install the forward-most screw while pushing the toe piece against the binding base plate.

5) Slide the heel piece onto the base plate.

6) Lock the heel piece into place by pressing the front of the orange lever down and into the locking points on the base plate.

Note: Most of our skis come with partially-installed bindings. If your binding base plates are already attached to the skis, please follow the instructions starting at Step 2.